Participation in Continental and International Events

1978All Africa Karate Championship, Senegal
1979Ivory Coast Championship
1980Mauritius – Reunion – Madagascar
1980India - Mauritius - Madagascar
1982World Karate Championship, Taiwan
1983Mauritius – Tokyo
1984Mauritius - Reunion Island
1988/89Mauritius - Reunion Island
1992Mauritius – Seychelles
1994Indian Ocean Goodwill Championship (Mauritius – Seychelles – Reunion – Madagascar – India)
199412th World Karate Championship, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
1995Asia Pacific Gojukai Karate Championship, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1996Karate symposium, Australia
199615th World Karate Championship, Sun City, South Africa
1996Asia Pacific Gojukai, Pune, India
1997Indian Ocean Karate meet (Mauritius – Seychelles – Reunion – Madagascar – India – South Africa
1998Zone 7 Karate championship (Madagascar - Mauritius -  Seychelles - Comores)
1998Indian Ocean Islands Games, Reunion Island
1999All Africa Games, Johannesburg, South Africa
2001Japan Masters seminar, Tokyo, Japan
20023rd World Gojukai Karate Championship, Perth, Australia
2007All Africa Gojuryu, Cape Town, South Africa
2008KanAzawa Cup, Durban , South Africa
200816th World Karate Championship, Tokyo, Japan
20095th World Gojukai Karate Championship, Cape Town, South Africa
20136th World Gojukai Karate Championship, Mumbai, India
2022All Africa Karate Championship UFAK, Durban, South Africa

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